heritage panelling

We manufacture our own wall panelling in our Dunedin workshop from Customwood for a paint finish. For wet areas such as bathrooms and kitchens we manufacture using Keruing Plywood.

Our panelling is custom made and fitted to your home. We are usually guided in regard to design by the panelling features of existing, original doors within the room or home. Our standard panelling height is 2m.

$210.00 m2 fitted and painted (Customwood)

$355.00 m2 for Keruing Plywood

All prices are subject to GST

Keruing Plywood:

Country of Origin – Malaysia.
Standard – BS6566.
Faces – B/B.
Wood Raw Material – Keruing.
Density – average 850kg/m3.
Class – Hardwood, moderately durable.
Glue Bond – A bond Exterior Phenolic.
Glue Formaldehyde Emission – E1

MTCC (Malaysian Timber Certification Council) was established in 1998 to develop and operate the MTCS, which is a voluntary certification scheme in Malaysia. MTCC’s mission is to be recognised as an independent leading timber certification organisation for tropical forests. The MTCS certificates for Forest Management and Chain- of-Custody provide assurance that the timber products are manufactured from MTCS-certified sources of wood-based materials.

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